Green Tea + Obesity ?

Green Tea + Obesity ?


Obesity is often associated with insulin resistance (IR) and dyslipemia. Green tea is rich in polyphenols that can modulate transcription factors activity involved in metabolism effectors related to IR (adipokines) and lipid transporters (lipoproteins).


To observe effects of chronic green tea extracts ingestion at physiological doses in obese IR hyperlipemic subject. Monitoring is focused on :

  • global IR and lipid parameters;
  • lipid transport dynamics.

Study conception

Model : obese IR dog

12 weeks monitoring

Daily oral green tea extract intake at nutritional dose


  • Chemical, enzymatic ans RIA assessments;
  • Ultracentrifugation phases separation;
  • Protein isolation via SDS-PAGE;
  • Stable isotopes based kinetic studies;
  • Numeric and compartment modeling;
  • Mass spectrometry.

Main results

Variation Parameters
➡️ Weight / Body composition / Total cholesterol / Plasma fatty acids
⬆️ Insulin sensitivity, [ApoAI], ApoAI PR 1, ApoAI FCR 2
⬇️ Triglycerides, [ApoB100], ApoB100 PR, ApoB100 FCR


Beneficial effects related to metabolic impairments implied by obesity including IR improvement and decreased TGs levels probably due to VLDLs levels reduction.

HDLs dynamics acceleration resulting in higher concentration of those lipoproteins classes.


As presented in FASEB (Toulouse, FRANCE)

Associated publications

BSc. Thesis metabolic parameters

BSc. Thesis kinetics parameters

Article British Journal of Nutrition : PPARs activity

  1. Production Rate ^
  2. Fractional Catabolic Rate ^
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